A local company with a wide experience of internet technologies. We’re comfortable talking binary or hexadecimal, but we prefer plain language. Our mission is to make internet technology both accessible and affordable.


You’ve got the great ideas… we have the expertise you need to help bring your great ideas to life!


In this day of anonymous cloud-based big-business hosting, it’s reassuring to know that you can always talk to a real person at ANET. Real support from real people with real skills and a real passion for support.


ANET runs it’s own triply-redundant server farm in-house (with automated weekly backups of your precious web space). We can provide simple shared hosting with cPanel or set you up with your own dedicated virtual private server.

Need someone to co-host your own physical server? Yes, we can do that too!


We use technology to help people and businesses to tell their stories and reach their customers. We love making the technology feel transparent so it doesn’t get in the way of your message. We breath life into all our projects by combining outstanding technical ability with beautiful form and function.